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Insomnium Tour Blog: One About Dedication

It’s been five years since we last visited the US. It was one of the most memorable tours we have ever done, both in a bad and good way. We shared a van with our Finnish comrades, Swallow the Sun, and drove from coast to coast.

Insomnium Tour Blog: London & Norwich

While the other guys stayed in beautiful Bradford for a day off, I ventured to Oxford where I used to live for one and a half years. Nice city with great pubs, but also lots of posh students and tourists.

Insomnium Tour Blog: Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Nottingham & Manchester

Sheffield Corporation. Nice venue with good backstage and a great pub just 50 meters up the street. We’ve played here at least two times before so it should be a good night. First things first: few drinks and quick visit to toilet facilities at local pub.

Insomnium Tour Blog: Stoke, York and Glasgow

Best small club in Midlands. Yeah right. More of a shit hole to be honest... Again, no catering — a package of white toast and that’s it. No hot meal either. Had to fight with the promoter for an hour and threaten him, saying that we don’t play if we don’t get any food. Finally, we got 5 pounds buyout with the trade-off that our grade of beer was taken away. This is how it goes in UK, folks. Just bollocks.

Insomnium Tour Blog: Southampton, Folkestone & Colchester

Proper throbbing headache. Sweaty figure crawls out from the bunk in the same smelling stage clothes while Paradise Lost guys go jogging. Nice backstage with internet, shower and own kitchen. Sound check: Peavey's FX loop is broken and the amp sounds pretty bad in general. Probably the tubes are going off soon.

Insomnium Tour Blog: Cardiff — "When It Rains, It Pours Like Hell ..."

First shows are always the hardest ones, and Cardiff was no exception to this rule. To start, our rental gear was not up to par. Setting up the stage also took extra time, and as a result, we did not have time to do sound-check, or even test that our rental equipment worked.

Insomnium Guitarist Ville Friman on the Inevitable Truths of Critique

I'm often asked in interviews, "What has the response been like to your new album?"This question is often hard to answer because I do not read any reviews about our albums. I only know about the reviews that I accidentally come across through people's Facebook profiles, or through our band e-mail. Otherwise I'm blissfully unaware of what people might think.

Inevitable Truths of Touring: Hello, Cleveland ...

Probably everyone knows the movie This Is Spinal Tap. However, what appears to be funny coincidences on the screen are actually pretty accurate descriptions of touring musicians’ lives. Even though it's difficult to be amused by these accidents when you are playing the main role, there is no way to avoid them. Spinal Tap moments are an unavoidable part of the game, so better learn to cherish them.

One For The Road: Insomnium Guitarist Ville Friman on the Inevitable Truths of Touring

It’s now almost a year since we last played live. One year without touring is a long time for a band nowadays. In order to make it, you need to push your name out there all the time. Bands are literally living in the van tour after a tour. Competition is this hard—and in the end, only a few bands make it.