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Prog-Gnosis: Using Unusual 16th-Note Syncopations and Odd-Length Phrases

"Earth Departure" is one of the most adventurous tunes on the new Animals As Leaders album, Weightless. The song features some very intense, complex figures that require extremely tight band interplay.

Prog-Gnosis: Making Effective Use of Economy Picking

Last month, I demonstrated a few of the primary guitar parts from the song "Somnarium," from the new Animals as Leaders album, Weightless.

Prog-Gnosis: Getting a Feel for Picking Techniques with "Somnarium"

Over the next few months, I'll be demonstrating some of the techniques and approaches I rely on in the writing and performing of the music I play with my band, Animals as Leaders. Hopefully, you will find these ideas useful in your own musical endeavors.