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Tips for Memorizing Songs

As musicians, we all have to memorize music, lyrics, chords, dynamics and more. That alone can be daunting and definitely requires some effort. It’s easier to memorize a song you really like or perhaps one you’ve written yourself. I find the best way to start memorizing a song you didn’t write is to listen to it as much as possible. Put it on your portable player and listen both actively and passively.

Turning a Cover Song Into Your Own

I love a great cover performance. Especially one that has a different take than the original, but remains recognizable. Sometimes I am more interested in listening to great cover than to the original! The artist took something that’s already familiar and added his or her own personality to it. Not only that, but the new performer is paying respect to another artist.

How to Navigate Your First Time Performing at a Festival

Last year I accomplished my dream of playing festivals. I’ve already done four in the last year. Somehow I instinctively knew how to manage my first one. Whatever I suggest here is what worked for me as a current solo artist. Some things will work for everyone, some won't. But here are 11 ideas you can try out.

Inspiration: Words in the Strangest Places

We are constantly surrounded by ideas. You don’t need a fortune cookie to tell you where to look. In fact… my last sentence can start your next song!

Checklist: A Basic Recording Set Up for a Singer/Songwriter

If you’re wondering what it would take to start recording your songs, you've come to the right place. First things first, you'll need a computer with a decent soundcard. Then start saving up now for these!

A Spiritual Connection to Your Instrument

Last year I took an experimental music healing class in which we worked with various meditation techniques to open our creativity. It was an alignment of the Chakras as well as alignment to the instrument I might be playing or songwriting with. A kind of musical focus and connection.

Tips for Getting Session Work As a Singer or Player

If you happen to be a really gifted musician and can read music, learn quickly, and play in a variety of styles, you might consider the world of session work.

The Ramifications of Writing a Song a Week

2014 has so far been incredibly brain busy for me. I’ve been accepted into a year-long song a week project that has been keeping me up most nights. It’s called Real Women Real Songs II, and I’ll write more about it once I’m deeper into the year. I admit that I write very few new songs a year for my solo work. Somewhere along the lines of about three new songs that I care to play out.

A Songwriting Contest Experience

I just got home from the finals of a local NYC contest. My intention was to see how my songwriting was doing. It wasn't what I expected, and I learned a few things that I want to share with you!

Tips For Going Pro With a Cover Gig

I was approached by three different people to do cover sets last year. I really wanted to do it, and had no idea how I was going to get through three hours of singing AND guitar playing by myself. One of those gigs was to play covers for ballroom dancers to practice to. (Talk about pressure to stay on rhythm.)