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Quick Lick: Metallica — "Ride the Lightning"

In the following video, Guitar World's Matt Scharfglass shows you how to play the post-chorus riff to the title track off Metallica's sophomore album, Ride The Lightning.

Quick Lick: Pantera — "Cowboys from Hell" — Video

In this Quick Lick, Guitar World's Matt Scharfglass shows you how to play the intro to Pantera's "Cowboys From Hell."

Review: Music Man Stingray 4 Neck Through Bass — Video

Each set neck bass has its advantages, but now Ernie Ball Music Man has widened the spectrum even further with the introduction of the StingRay Neck Through model.

The Write Stuff: Tips on Writing One- or Two-Chord Songs

A song containing a few as one or two chords can be just as well-crafted as a far more intricate composition. Of course, the world is full of guitarists who play a D-to-G strum pattern ad infinitum, rhyme “fire” with “desire” and declare that they’ve written a song. You goal as a songwriter is to not be that person.

The Guitarist's Guide to Playing Bass: 20 Guidelines to Help You Think and Play Like a Real Bass Guitarist

Bass is more than just a guitar with two fewer strings. It has a different tone, scale length, feel and musical role, and in many cases it requires a different conceptual and technical approach. Guitarists who are new to playing bass will often double the guitar part one octave lower. There is certainly a place octave doubling — just listen to Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion," Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean" and Pantera's "I'm Broken." But there is so much more that can be done with the bass guitar.

The Write Stuff: Chord Progressions to Get You Started

Even if one were to limit himself to an examination of pop songwriting over the last 40 years, a true instructional “guide” would take up many volumes, as it would involve a serious study of musical theory. Our aim here is to prove a sampling of common chord progressions that you can use with your own songs, and to examine some of the things a guitarist can do to add a little zip to his or her songs.

The Most Difficult Song I’ve Ever Transcribed ... and It's Not by Yngwie

I’m often asked what’s the hardest song I’ve ever transcribed. The answer is not an offering by Yngwie, Dream Theater or Buckethead. It’s “Mrs. Potter's Lullaby” by Counting Crows. Let me begin by saying that there is only a handful of bands/artists I actively hate. My tastes are pretty eclectic and run the gamut from dissonant / atonal / harsh / obscure to the most syrupy, accessible pop.

Quick Lick: Megadeth - "Holy Wars" Bass

In the following video, Guitar World's Matt Scharfglass shows you how to play bass line to the verse of "Holy Wars" from Megadeth's 1990 album, Rust In Peace.

Quick Lick: Metallica - "Creeping Death"

In the following video, Guitar World'sMatt Scharfglass shows you how to play the main riff to "Creeping Death" from Metallica's 1983 album, Ride The Lightning.

Just Play: Yes, Even Bassists Can Be Douchebags

I’m relieved that most people got the humor behind my last blog post. I want to stress the part where I said, “That’s not to say we bass players don’t have our own share of divas and douchebags.” I’ve been that douchebag. Geddy Lee was my first bass hero, followed by Stanley Clarke, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin and pretty much anyone who could slap or play fast.