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Cooking with the Blues: How to Spice Up Your Solos

The blues' most common variation is the 12-bar variety. A basic 12-bar blues includes three chords, often referred to by number, which describes where the chord is found by scale degree. These three chords are the I, IV and V. While it is common to "play over the changes" of these chords, in this lesson we'll discuss some basic scales that inform my vocabulary when simply playing over the key... …

How to Get More Mileage Out of Your Scales

If you've become comfortable with my previous lesson, "Diatonic Scale Workout: Increase Picking Strength and Produce Great-Sounding Sequences," and feel like you have all seven three-note-per-string positions under your fingers, we'll take it a step further. Here are some interesting but simple single-string three-note patterns you can apply to those same sequences. ... …

To Get Out of Your Rut, Get Out of Your Wheelhouse

Welcome to Part 6 of my "Rut Busters" series! "Rut Busters for Guitarists." These lessons are aimed at breaking through barriers that might be keeping you from improving as a guitarist. Some lessons will simply supply you with food for thought, like this one, and some will be more hands-on. Written to help you get past that plateau, these columns are here to help you mix things up and keep your... …