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Steve Vai Joins Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour

Steve Vai grew up listening to Jimi Hendrix. Now he’s paying homage to his hero onstage. As he prepares for this year’s Jimi Hendrix Tribute Tour, the out-of-this-world virtuoso talks about the Sixties guitar god’s influence on his music. “Hendrix had a huge impact on every guitar player that was around back when I was a teenager. While I was in high school, I formed a ‘Hendrix’ band, and we... …

Dear Guitar Hero: Vernon Reid

His band was discovered by Mick Jagger, he wrote one of the biggest rock songs in history, and he even founded the Black Rock Coalition. But what Guitar World readers really want to know is…   What led to the writing and recording of “Cult of Personality,” and how do you feel about the fact that the song continues to be a radio staple and is a big part of the Guitar Hero video game franchise? ... …