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Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Talks Technique and Gear in 1988

Here's our interview with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour from the July 1988 Guitar World, which featured Eddie Van Halen on the cover. The original story ran with the headline, "David Gilmour: Absolute Sound." To see the Eddie Van Halen cover—and all the GW covers from 1988—head here. ... …

Carlos Santana Opens Up About Blues, Jazz and More in 1988 Guitar World Interview

Here's our interview with Carlos Santana from the June 1988 issue of Guitar World, which featured Yngwie Malmsteen on the cover. The original story, which started on page 18, ran with the headline, "Another Kind of Blue: Carlos Santana has embarked on yet another musical adventure, one that has a lot to do with theory, and everything to do with the guitar." ... …