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Gear Review: Moniker Guitars Reedsdale ES Neptune

Like American car companies did 50 years ago, the gang at Moniker Guitars offers a few body designs and lets you tell them how to finish it. Pickups, paint, bridge, tuners, binding and inlay—it's all your call.Can’t decide? While each guitar is a "one of one" creation, there are a few already-assembled guitars and basses available in the company's online shop.That’s where this Reedsdale ES... …

Gear Review: Analog Fox Easy Vibe Pedal

Mike McCready had it. His idol, Stevie Ray Vaughan, had it. Jimi Hendrix had it too.What was it? Well, besides buckets of talent, it was that Uni-Vibe sound! I tried to get it a long time ago—but my wah didn’t do it, and I couldn’t get it on a Boss Chorus pedal. To get the swirling goodness I was after, I needed a Uni-Vibe—or something very much like it.I grew up in the early days of effects... …