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The Original Alice Cooper Band: Classic Rock’s Most Underrated Group

For years I’ve maintained that the original Alice Cooper band was one of the finest and most underrated bands in rock history. Their dangerously subversive string of early-’70s albums, Love It To Death, Killers, School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies and the woefully overlooked Muscle of Love, were impeccably written, imaginatively arranged and feature some of the wittiest rock ’n’ roll lyrics... …

Dimebag Darrell: The Wild Bunch

     Can a Seattle anarchist, two liberal East Coast rockers and a Southern thrash man co-exist in peace and harmony? Pantera’s Diamond Darrell, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil and Skid Row’s Snake Sabo and Scotti Hill sit down and face the nation. They were summoned from the most distant reaches of the Unites States: four heavy metal dignitaries, representing three different schools of rock guitar.... …

Dimebag Darrell: The Rough Rider

     Is heavy metal dead? Not if Dimebag Darrell has anything to say about it.          Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Pantera’s high priest of six-string destruction, is feeling ornery. His eyes narrow as he slowly picks up his metallic blue Dean guitar. Cradling it like a sawed-off shotgun, the self-proclaimed “cowboy from hell” begins to frown. It’s obvious that he has something urgent on his mind... …

Jimi Hendrix: Wild Thing

An exclusive first glance at Classic Hendrix, the dazzling and definitive new Jimi Hendrix photo book with text by Guitar World editor Brad Tolinski. I thought I knew everything there was to know about Jimi Hendrix. A lifelong fan of his music, I’ve spent countless hours consuming a library’s worth of books, videos and films devoted to him. As editor of Guitar World magazine for 15 years, I’ve... …