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The Minor Jazz-Blues Progression

A favorite progression of mine, and many jazz musicians, to solo over is what’s known as the minor jazz-blues progression, featured on such jazz classics as John Coltrane’s “Mr. PC.” and “Equinox,” “Stolen Moments” by Oliver Nelson and “Footprints” by Wayne Shorter, as well as, for those old enough to remember, the original “Spiderman Theme Song” from the late-Sixties animated TV series and, in... …

Double-Time Soloing Over a Laid-Back Groove 

Continuing our exploration of jazz-blues, in this lesson, I present an example of how to craft a solo over a swing-eighths feel played at a moderately slow, laid-back tempo and tastefully shift into a higher rhythmic gear, using what jazz musicians refer to as a “double-time groove,” meaning predominantly 16th-note rhythms, as if you were playing eighth notes at twice the tempo. ... …

Soloing Over Jazz-Blues Chord Changes

Over the past five issues (June through October 2016), I introduced the basic jazz-blues progression, with subtle variations, and demonstrated several cool things you can do with it, in terms of accompaniment—specifically, various ways to play chords and/or walking bass lines. ... …

Jazz-Blues Comping with "Chord Jabs"

Continuing our exploration of cool things to do with a jazz-blues chord progression in a rhythm section, I’d now like to demonstrate an accompaniment, or “comping,” technique favored by jazz guitarists, pianists and organists alike over a swing-style walking bass line (provided by a bassist, second guitarist or keyboardist’s left hand) that provides interesting chord movement and rhythmic “push... …