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Colorful Jazz-Blues Chord Substitutions

Last month, I introduced the 12-bar jazz-blues progression, which is a more musically sophisticated cousin of the simpler “one-four-five” blues chord changes that most people are familiar with and serves as a more harmonically ambitious framework that jazz musicians almost universally prefer to solo over and use as a vehicle for improvising rich, colorful melodies that allude to interesting... …

The Intriguingly Exotic Sound of the C Lydian Hexatonic Scale

In the previous two String Theory columns (March and April 2015 issues), I introduced a pair of hexatonic (six-note) scales that are comprised of the same six notes and may be thought of as opposing sides of the same musical coin—the dark, serious-sounding E minor hexatonic (E F# G A B D) and its one useful mode, the beautifully bright D major hexatonic (D E F# G A B). ... …