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Inquirer: Steve Jones

Originally published in Guitar World, June 2010 Guitar World catches up with the legendary Sex Pistols' six-stringer.   What inspired you to start playing the guitar? I actually got pushed over from singing to playing guitar. I wasn’t planning on being a guitar player; I was going to be a singer. And I was for a little bit in the Sex Pistols—that is, until we got John Lydon [Johnny Rotten]. And... …

Inquirer: David Vincent

Morbid Angel bassist and vocalist David Vincent talks to Guitar World about his early days. What inspired you to start playing bass? When I was really young, my mother was a big fan of the Kingston Trio [a folk act of the Fifties and Sixties], and she used to listen to their records all the time. They did three-part harmony, with some guitar accompaniment. Because I had something of a deep... …

Duff McKagan: Inquirer

Guitar World recently caught up with Duff McKagen where he chats about his humble beginnings. What inspired you to start playing bass? I started playing because of my older brother Bruce, who also played bass. I was the last of eight kids, and everybody in my family played some kind of instrument. There were always guitars, basses and drum kits around the house, and because of all the... …