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Forgotten Guitar: Joe Satriani Gives MTV Host His First Guitar Lesson in 1992

In 1992, instrumental rock great Joe Satriani made an appearance on a short-lived MTV Europe TV series called Most Wanted. It was a music-based chat/performance show that was broadcast from London in the early Nineties.Satch was there to promote his latest album, The Extremist, which is today is regarded as one of Satriani's most popular albums and his highest-charting to date, reaching Number... …

Forgotten Guitar: 'Crossroads' and Its Unsung Guitar Hero, Arlen Roth

In early 1984, director Walter Hill contacted Arlen Roth—guitarist, columnist and co-creator of the Hot Licks instructional video series—about a new film he was about to make starring Ralph Macchio.It was to be centered on the blues and present a modern twist on the mythology and legend tied to the late Robert Johnson.The problem was Macchio couldn’t play guitar. Roth, it turns out, was the man... …

The Guitar Jimi Hendrix Owned the Longest Is for Sale

If you think of a guitar that's closely associated with Jimi Hendrix, it has to be the Fender Stratocaster. Yes, Hendrix often would use a white Gibson SG Custom for "Red House" (and a Flying V at the Isle of Wight performance), but when you think Hendrix, you think Strat.   ... …