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Songcraft: Delivering the Song

As you read along this week, please excuse any typos or grammatical sloppiness you may encounter, as I’ve given myself a limit on the time allotted for the creation of this piece. ... …

Songcraft: Add Some Music to Your Day

With this post, I’d like to discuss a somewhat disturbing condition I’ve observed over the years, one that seems to afflict a lot of my songwriting compadres. Believe it or not, sadly I’ve noticed … (He whispers) …many don’t actually listen to all that much music. ... …

Songcraft: The Sonic Sketchbook

Much has been said amongst songwriters regarding the merits of keeping a lyric notebook, i.e. a stream of consciousness record of any and all lyrical ideas/stanzas that spring to mind, but to my knowledge little has been said in regard to keeping the musical equivalent. ... …

Songcraft: Take Me to the Bridge

OK, so your song has a catchy verse and a killer hook of a chorus. Now what? Throw in a solo section and call it a day? Maybe, but how about adding a bridge? ... …