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Double Strummed Octaves, and My Solo in “The Price Is Wrong”

If you’ve been following my columns, you’re well aware of the altered tunings I use virtually all of the time. On six-string guitar, my go-to tuning is what I call “drop-C” (low to high, of C G C F A D), which is drop-D down one whole step.Last month, I broke down the primary licks in the Periphery song “Flatline,” from our latest release, Periphery III: Select Difficulty, which I play on a... …

Navigating the Intricate Seven-String Licks in Periphery's “Flatline”

Throughout the course of these columns, my focus has been primarily on the six-string guitar parts I’ve crafted that are featured in the music of both Periphery and my side project, Haunted Shores.This month, I’d like to delve into the use of seven-string guitar in the music of Periphery, by detailing a few of the signature riffs in the song “Flatline,” from Periphery III: Select Difficulty.... …

How to Play the Fast-Moving Licks in “The Way the News Goes”

Those who have been following these columns for a while are well familiar with the fact that, in my guitar parts for the music of Periphery and Haunted Shores, I like to employ radical and rapid position shifts while also incorporating open strings and sustained notes.This month, I’d like to demonstrate a couple of the licks from the song “The Way the News Goes,” which was recorded for the... …