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How to Play Blazing Open-String Licks

Licks incorporating open strings are a popular component of rock guitar style. They’re often used as fills embellishing open-chord riffs, and they can add an element of flash during solos.Ear catching and colorful, they form an integral part of the rock vocabulary and have been favored by blues-rock-based guitarists since the dawn of rock and roll.Like so many of the traditional ideas and... …

How to Play Crushing Open-Chord Riffs Like Tom Scholz, Angus Young and Brian May

This time, I’ll show you how to play crushing open-chord riffs in the styles of five legendary classic rock riffmeisters.The use of open power chords embellished with single-note melodic fills and quarter-step bends has provided a framework for some of the most powerful and enduring riffs of all time.These types of riffs were pioneered by the blues-rock players of the Sixties and Seventies,... …