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Anthrax Discography

From the 1984's Fistful of Metal to the yet-unreleased Worship Music, Anthrax has solidified their position as one of thrash metal's hardest hitters.Spanning through decades of lineup changes, most notably the on-again, off-again presence of iconic vocalist Joey Belladonna, Anthrax's album art has been just as much a staple of thrash culture as their music.From the cinephile-inspired Among the... …

Pantera Discography

Though not achieving widespread fame and acknowledgement until the release of 1990's Cowboys From Hell, Texas-based heavy metal icons Pantera had been recording artists since the release of Metal Magic in 1983.Writing metal anthems over the years such as "Walk" and "5 Minutes Alone", the band always had equally aggressive album covers to match (well... maybe not so much in the glam years).Below... …