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Joshua Moore and Lou Cotton of We Came As Romans Talk Gear, New Album

Troy, Michigan’s We Came As Romans have always been described as melodic metalcore, but never has the metal been as strong as on their new self-titled Equal Vision Records release. Nor, for that matter, has the metalcore. For album number four the six-piece has honed both extremes of their sound, holding their songwriting to incredibly strict standards in order to push their melodic sense... …

Fear Factory's Dino Cazares Talks New Album, 'Genexus'

Ever since their 1992 debut, Soul of a New Machine, Fear Factory have pushed the envelope in their balance of clean and scream, their industrialized lyrical themes and, in particular, the rapid-fire, hyper-precise picking of guitarist Dino Cazares. ... …

Thy Art Is Murder Discuss New Album, 'Holy War'

Australia’s Thy Art Is Murder have always pushed the boundaries, cracking the Top 40 album chart in their homeland with their 2012 album Hate (a chart first for the deathcore genre) and undertaking extensive touring with the likes of Fear Factory and Fit for An Autopsy. ... …