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Orchestral Maneuvers: Guild AO-3CE Arcos Series Acoustic

Last month, I had the privilege of visiting Fender’s manufacturing plant in Ensenada, Mexico, where, in addition to cranking out some of the EVH, Jackson and Fender lines of instruments and amplifiers, they produce the Arcos Series of acoustic guitars for Guild. ... …

Seismic Activity: EarthQuaker Devices Speaker Cranker

EarthQuaker Devices is a small, boutique pedal manufacturer from Akron, Ohio, known for a wide variety of colorful stompboxes that just sound great. If you’re looking for fuzz, delay, pitch modulation and more, EarthQuaker Devices has it all. ... …

The Five Best Distortion Pedals for Under $50

There's nothing more exciting for guitarists than finding a good distortion pedal, especially one that sounds crushing and is affordable. Distortion is one of those mandatory pedals you’ll need as a glorious boost for rhythms, solos and — most importantly — to summon the gods of feedback. ... …