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Super Sonic Ears, Part 1: The Importance of Ear Training

It should go without saying, but strong ears are a necessary part of your musicianship.What you hear is what you play, and if you are having issues determining particular types of chords, rhythms or melodies, that will leave you with fewer possibilities, musically.After teaching a few students on Monday, I decided to have my third cup of coffee. On my way to the coffee shop, I heard a lone... …

How to Develop an Intelligently Crafted Practice Schedule

This lesson deals with a simple but hugely important topic: how to practice.As a professional guitar instructor, it is my job to address various weaknesses in my students' playing and remedy the issue by constructing some kind of creative plan that will lift them out of a particular trapping.As any musician that continually challenges themselves already knows, patience is not only a virtue but... …