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Tired of the Same Blues Licks? Spice It Up with Some Eastern Fusion, Part 1

Tired of the same old blues licks in the pentatonic scale? In this series of lessons, I will try to broaden your horizons by introducing you to some elements from "exotic" territories like Middle Eastern, East European and Far Eastern music.Is it D# or Eb?As you might know, the minor blues scale has that unique note that distinguishes it from the pentatonic scale (the augmented 4th or... …

What to Do When You Hit a Plateau

You have a bit of time, you pick up the guitar—and you play the same old licks, riffs and scales.If this happens to you, you’ve probably reached a plateau—and maybe not the kind where Richie Sambora is excitingly shooting notes into the sky.If you think you've hit a plateau, you’ve probably climbed a long way to reach it—and you should be commended for that. But as humans, we are rarely... …