Van Halen Announce Additional Summer Tour Dates



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Ya know, it's one thing to have creative differences with band members but did anyone else catch the interviews in GW's Van Halen commemorative issue?

I'm referring to, specifically, the interview with "King Edward" around the time of the release of "Diver Down", where "his highness" claims that "At least Dave pulls his weight which is more than I can say for Mike (Anthony), who is remodeling his house and bought a Ferrari off of money he's made off of us."

Can you imagine Jimmy Page belittling John Paul Jones in an interview say, around the time of "Presence" ? I sure can't but then again, Page apparently has a wee bit more class than the "little egotistical guitar whiz."

Or in another interview where "his excellency" claims that Sammy Hagar changed his life and that he's so happy working with Hagar, yet, with expected contradiction (something you become used to when reading consecutive Van Halen interviews) he claims that Hagar was difficult to work with on every album with the exception of 5150.

Let's not forget how he belittles players like Ace Frehley, (while I'm not a big fan of Kiss' music myself, I certainly wouldn't refer to Frehley as "not a very good guitarist" since regardless of personal taste, Frehley has inspired countless numbers of aspiring guitarist to take up the instrument. Guess he doesn't suck as badly as "the Marshall Messiah" claims he does.) lol

Van Halen developed and exploited a guitar technique that he originally picked up from watching Page perform the solo in "Heartbreaker". Of course. earlier in his career, the "Fender Feuher" couldn't resist ragging on Page, claiming that "he plays like his fingers are broken" then in true Van Halen contradictory form, (oh.....big surprise, huh?) later calls Page a genius , stating that "Page really plays more the way I play"....hahahaha No Eddie...How about YOU play more the way PAGE plays... What an ego.

I've lost total respect for Edward Van Halen.....and btw...the new album is LAME.

Wow...that felt good... maybe Eddie's on to something there.....

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