Van Halen, "Panama" — Isolated Guitar Track



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I have to admit I am not a huge EVH fanboy. I also understand and appreciate what he did for rock guitar playing. He's just as important as Robert and Jimi.

What he did then was great...but the true artists can stay relevant and keep their humanity. And Ed hasn't been important to music for...since when? People like John Scofield, Alex Lifeson and Jeff Beck continue to reinvent themselves...take chances and be adventurous. As reckless and raw as this track is, the very epitome of rock and roll...where is his spirit, adventure and reckless abandon been for 20 (and more maybe) years?

I look at EVH as being just as or even more important than the Beatles. I think there were a few bands in Beatles era that could have done very similar things...but very very few could have done what EVH did. Buddy, Jimi, Randy, Stevie all left us way too early...I guess Eddie was the unlucky one that had to live with his legacy. That's all that's left now...a place in history, and isolated guitar tracks from 30 years ago showcasing his prowess, fire, reckless abandon and irreverence.

EVH doesn't have to prove anything....just share.



Really cool stuff, nice vibe, man, glad he was sober at the time.



Makes you go Slash who? Lmao!



Man, Eddie is an awesome rock guitarist, bet he recorded that in 1 take!
Wish I had access to this file when we tried to learn this tune!!!

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