Van Halen Post Sample of "Honeybabysweetiedoll"



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Okay, just one more thing... FIRE your producer and engineer. They made it sound like a garage recording.... back in the old days it sounded live but HUGE. Whatever he did to Daves voice too it sounds like I'm listening to the playback at a low volume and Dave is standing next to me singing in my ear with nothing on it... Go back, get the old amp, call up Ted Templeman and use the old miking techniques and formula...and I almost forgot, it sounds like your all playing at a reasonably LOW volume... that's not rock n roll guys, that's Gino's shrimp shack on Sat afternoon and keeping it down because Mrs. Kibbleworth at table 3 is complaining.
And before anyone says I'm a Sammy fan, uhh, no. hate him and his dopey breaded chicken band.



Now that's cool as shit! This sounds more like VH of old... not conforming... taking chances... experimental. Cool song. I just wish the couple songs I heard were more just doing their thing rather then trying to conform.

Oh and Eddie? .... lose those EVH amps please and buy a bunch of old plexi's... or get a Suhr head, it's about as close as you can get.

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