Van Halen Premiere "She's The Woman" Music Video



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Great song, one of my favorite solos on the album. The whole album sounds like vintage Van Halen. They're just as good as ever. Video, eh... a little weak.



The video makes me a angry, just plain lazy editing. I make low low budget videos for bands around new england, at least there are attempts at sync with audio and a lot of motion. Check out my you tube channel, search artpatriquin



Great live shots, but definitely is a low budget job. Why do they cut away from Ed during the key solo parts?

Still it's a great song and great album.



Are both Videos from the same director? They seem a bit low budget and kinda fall flat for some reason with me. I wanted one of those concert videos like you see in 3d with tons of smile and action shots and big crowd shots wth flying....OK...I dont expect Panama anymore but VH is way more fun than this in concert. The music on this album and what I've seen of the tour so far on youtube etc...(my tickets are in June) is just smokin! Classic VH with a twist. Roth is there to bring the circus to town and the VH boys are the musical freekshow. Big surprise for me is the lowend...Wolf. His tone and presence in the mix and more than solid bass lines adds a new depth to the music the more you listen. However his stage presence in the video needs some work. He's the fresh blood and the camera needs check out his side of the stage and what hes doing and playing a bit more in the vid. Alex looks like he's barely into it in these shots. I'm a total VanRoth fan and love his chemistry with VH but lets remember "a little bit of Diamond Dave goes along way". Welcome back "The Mighty VH!"



god love em. they're trying. so sad



I like it!

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