Van Halen Reportedly Postpone More Than 30 Concerts



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Like many have said i too have been a fan since spinning the first van halen album im 48 and never did i expect to hear my parole officer who is 10 years older tell me he would be gone for few weeks he was going out of town to see van halen all i could say was get me a t shirt lol



I love the new album and Eddie changed guitar playing forever.
I saw them in Charlotte and Eddie was playing perfect. HOWEVER there was a lack of excitement that is usually at a VH show.It did seem as if they were going through the motions. great playing but lack luster attitude. I hope all is well in the VH camp. I guess I'm living in the past, the last tour I saw with Roth was the 1984 tour and it was a big party.those days are gone. I guess it's hard to realize that the guys are getting older.



Eddie is my favorite guitarist. I can't bash the guy for who he is. Sure he can be arrogant, but who can't be at times. I've read many interviews where he seems humble, arrogant, nice and kinda of an a**hole. To me it depends on his mood. I like Miike, but you gotta give wolfgang some credit. He can really lay it down. I like the new album and I think wolfgang is getting better everyday. I saw the 2008 tour and you can tell he was nerveous, but he still played great. I saw the new tour and wow he has really matured. Without wolf, there would be no album or tour. I think he keeps Eddie on his toes. I'm sure some dates are postponed to make way for overseas dates. At least I hope thats the case.


If Wolfie has humbled him, along with the cancer, well then good for all of 'em. And i hope the cancer hasn't returned on Eddie.....Arrogant or not,



My big concern is that Eddie's cancer has returned again. I read that recently he had to have another portion of his tongue cut out.
As for why Michael Anthony isn't in the band anymore, we'll probably never know the real reason. Maybe it was for the same reason Ozzy gave Zakk his walking papers-It's hard to be a recovering addict when you surround yourself with addicts.
Just my $.02. I'm not gonna bag on the guy who made me want to pick up the guitar in '78 and never put it down. It wasn't because I thought he was a "nice guy", it was because the talent and the SOUND that had me picking up the needle and setting it back down to try and figure out just what the hell he was doing!



ya...i hear ya ... I hope the cancer hasn't returned to him either. And if he inspired you to pick up the guitar, as Page did for me....well good enough, right? take it easy.


Right on Big Don!!


Speaking of the " Guitar World Presents 40 years of Van Halen":

Ya know, it's one thing to have creative differences with band members but.....

I'm referring to, specifically, the interview with "King Edward" around the time of the release of "Diver Down", where "his highness" claims that "At least Dave pulls his weight which is more than I can say for Mike (Anthony), who is remodeling his house and bought a Ferrari off of money he's made off of us."

Can you imagine Jimmy Page belittling John Paul Jones in an interview say, around the time of "Presence" ? I sure can't but then again, Page apparently has a wee bit more class than the "little egotistical guitar whiz."

Or in another interview where "his excellency" claims that Sammy Hagar changed his life and that he's so happy working with Hagar, yet, with expected contradiction (something you become used to when reading consecutive Van Halen interviews) he claims that Hagar was difficult to work with on every album with the exception of 5150.

Let's not forget how he belittles players like Ace Frehley, (while I'm not a big fan of Kiss' music myself, I certainly wouldn't refer to Frehley as "not a very good guitarist" since regardless of personal taste, Frehley has inspired countless numbers of aspiring guitarist to take up the instrument. Guess he doesn't suck as badly as "the Marshall Messiah" claims he does.) lol

Van Halen developed and exploited a guitar technique that he originally picked up from watching Page perform the solo in "Heartbreaker". Of course. earlier in his career, the "Fender Feuher" couldn't resist ragging on Page, claiming that "he plays like his fingers are broken" then in true Van Halen contradictory form, (oh.....big surprise, huh?) later calls Page a genius , stating that "Page really plays more the way I play"....hahahaha No Eddie...How about YOU play more the way PAGE plays... What an ego.

I've lost total respect for Edward Van Halen.....and btw...the new album is LAME.

Wow...that felt good... maybe Eddie's on to something there.....



I have to agree on so many points. I don't think anyone can argue how Eddie changed the way we play guitar or the way VH changed the face of hard rock. But Eddie needs a big fucking slice of humble pie for sure.



First of all, to compare John Paul Jones to Michael Anthony is just silly. John Paul Jones brought much more to the table. Michael Anthony was an opportunist at best. Backing vocals . . . I will give you that, but he really did not provide much else (playing was serviceable, songwriting/production input non-existent) . . . I think Michael Anthony would even admit that. For him to even get 25% for the majority of VH's career is very generous.

Okay . . . EVH at times has come across as arrogant and stories have changed, however, EVH is not the only high profile member of VH to come across as arrogant or have questionable recollections of history. Sammy's book is loaded with inconsistencies galore and I think you say his "#1 mentality" could easily be construed as arrogant (and untrue at times . . . he likes to say VH was more successful with him, but this is not true. Additionally, he over inflates his solo success- see the lies from Sammy's book below).

I'm a longtime fan of BOTH VH singers and longtime commenter at VHND. I thought I knew Sammy before this book came out, but I simply can not believe how much he lies in the book! Is he lying about Eddie? I don't know because I wasn't there. All the lies that I spotted are lies that any knowledgeable fan could spot. He is shamelessly rewriting history. I have numbered the lies I spotted below:

1) Page 54: "...the first Montrose album has sold more than 4 million records over the years." According to the RIAA, it's certified just ONE million. (Worldwide sales are barely more than USA sales for all Hagar's albums).

2) PAGE 78: "I sold out the Oakland Coliseum that Fourth of July" [1980]. He fails to mention that he was on the bill with 4 other bands, three of which were hugely popular at the time: Blue Oyster Cult, REO Speedwagen, and Triumph, (and also Randy Hanson). Hagar conveniently implies he sold it out by himself.

3) PAGE 80: [In 1982]: "We went out on tour, headlining arenas, double nights in a lot of places." From my years working in concert promotion at Electric Factory in Philly in the '80?s (a huge concert promoter back then), I have the list of Sammy's 1982 tour dates straight from Pollstar. There was only ONE city listed where he played twice: San Francisco. Again, he is lying through his fake teeth.

4-7) Page 90 contains one incredible paragraph that is the biggest pile of B.S. I've ever read relating to Van Halen in my life!:

"The tour for VOA was my most successful. I sold out arenas everywhere, two, three, or four nights some places, one of the top grossing tours in 1984-right up there with Van Halen, who broke at the same time with "Jump" and all that. I remember getting an award in Portland, Oregon. I sold out two nights and got the Show of the year. Van Halen was runner-up. We were neck-and-neck on the road. My album was 1.6 million, but they ended up selling 10 million records."

4) "VAN HALEN "BROKE" WITH JUMP IN 1984?? How he belittles VH's earlier success! I was under the impression that they broke in 1978, when they exploded with their earth-shattering debut, rewriting the rules for rock music and sold 2 million copies right out of the gate! Ed was winning every guitar player award in site. In only their first year, VH far eclipsed everything that Montrose & Hagar ever did. Everyone was talking about VH in '78, and NO ONE was talking about Hagar or Montrose.


Wow. With this statement, Hagar completely abandons any mindset that the "truth" is sacred. He is SHAMELESSLY rewriting history here. VAN HALEN was the monster that was selling out multiple arenas, not him! Hagar COULDN'T EVEN PLAY most cities on the east coast because he simply wasn't popular over there. Hagar could sell out arenas in the midwest and in California, and that's practically it. His VOA tour was his biggest tour ever, yet he played ONE night in each city except for places where he was big, such as St. Louis, Dallas, and San Fran, where he played two nights. He was playing ONE night in virtually every city (not 2-4), and overall, he played smaller venues than where VH was booked, and sold far less tickets in those venues. The VH tour was a 100% sell-out virtually everywhere, and on the other hand, Hagar had plenty of cities where he could only sell 30%-50% of the tickets, even after "I Can't Drive 55'.

6) "We [VH & his band in 1984] were neck-and-neck on the road." On what planet? Anyone who was alive during the '80's knows that Van Halen was infinitely more popular than Hagar. Perhaps Hagar was the only person on EARTH who didn't see it that way. In 1984, Van Halen was through the stratosphere - their tour absolutely dwarfed all other rock band's tours, especially Hagar's.

7) "I remember getting an award in Portland, Oregon. I sold out two nights and got the Show of the Year." Again, from my years working in concert promotion, I have here Sammy's 1982 tour dates. He played ONE night in Portland, Oregon, on 3/19/82, at the Memorial Coliseum. The dates before and after were both in Washington. No other Portland dates.

8 ) Page 113: "Before I joined the band, Van Halen didn't have a particularly tight show. Roth would talk. They'd do another song. Ed would play a 20 minute guitar solo. They would do another song. Roth would talk some more, another song, Al would do a drum solo for 30 minutes. On the 1984 tour...they were doing 8 songs in a 2 hour show. They ended every song the same way."

Any fan who reads this who either saw Van Halen before Sammy joined, or owns ANY amount of old Van Halen bootlegs, knows that every single thing Sammy said in that paragraph is complete B.S.. EVH's solo was always around 10 minutes. Alex's was always 3-4 minutes. They always did 16 songs, not counting solos. VH was a well-oiled machine, a stellar production, and tightly choreographed - the exact opposite of what Sam describes. Again, he is shamelessly rewriting history to try to diminish what Van Halen was before he joined.

9) Page 121: "The record [Sammy's solo album "I Never Said Goodbye"] went platinum immediately."

As of today, 4/26/11, it has only been certified Gold status w/ the RIAA.

10) Page 122: "We [VH in 1986] were selling out four nights in arenas anywhere." Although the 5150 tour was a smashing success, and they occasionally would sell 2, 3 or even 4 nights in certain cities, the band played ONE night vast majority of cities. Also, the 5150 tour wasn't as big as the 1984 tour, which had the band playing one additional night in several cities than they were on the 5150 tour.

11) Page 173: "The fans went against Roth. He died a quick death as a solo artist." [When he went solo in 1985]

I would say that most current VH fans are under the impression that Hagar's solo career has been more successful than Roth's. However, if you want to measure the success with ALBUM SALES, Roth's solo career has actually been more successful than Hagar's! Roth's first 3 albums went Platinum (Crazy From The Heat in '85, Eat `EM And Smile in '86, and Skyscraper in '87). Hagar, however, never had could match that success - he never had 3 consecutive Platinum solo albums... just 3 consecutive GOLD albums, and then later in 1987 released another one that only went gold, with the help of Eddie playing bass. Hagar's solo career simply was never as big as Roth's was in the '80's. Roth was consistently platinum, while Hagar was consistently gold.

12) Page 222: When Irving Azoff told Hagar that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame wanted to induct Van Halen, but only the Roth-version of the band, Hagar says, "I went nuts on Irving. I was in the band longer than Roth. He was in Van Halen seven years. I was with them eleven years. I sold more records than he did. How could they do that to me?"

He is wrong on both counts. Roth was in VH for 12 years ('74-'85) and VH sold twice as many albums with Roth than with Hagar. (See

13) Page 234: Sammy says that, before he joined VH, "I was selling out multiple arenas, had five platinum albums in a row on Geffen, and I was ripe to join Van Halen when they asked..."

I already went over the "multiple arenas" bull. As for "5 platinum albums in a row on Geffen"? He had only 3 Geffen albums, and none were platinum:

1981 Standing Hampton - Gold as of 1985.

1982 Three Lock Box - Gold to this day.

1984 V.O.A. - Gold as of mid-1985.

Those are all the major lies that I can detect, just as a fan. I can't even imagine how many more lies are in the book that the fans would have no way of detecting.

Hagar wants all the fans to think that he was hugely successful BEFORE he joined VH, as if joining them wasn't necessarily the thing that catapulted his career. In countless interviews, he states that his solo albums were going platinum before VH.

This is all a lie. In reality, NONE of his solo albums went platinum by the time he joined VH in mid 1985. Sure, as of 2011, 3 of his albums have gone platinum (Montrose, Standing Hampton, and V.O.A.). But Hampton didn't go platinum 'till 1992, V.O.A. didn't go platinum until Nov. '85, and Montrose didn't until many years later, either.

YES, Hagar was (moderately) successful before VH, and good for him!! Why can't he just be satisfied with the success that he truly DID have and just be HONEST about everything in his book? It's because his ego and his insecurity can't handle the truth.

Sammy's all about HIMSELF. He belittles Roth and Eddie to try to seem better than them. He belittles the legacy that Roth, Ed, Al, & Mike created together, just to make HIS years in VH seem better.



Sammy is as big a douche as Eddie.


Excellent points on Sammy's book, many of which I can't argue with, however on the Michael Anthony issue...consider:

1) I wasn't comparing Michael Anthony to John Paul Jones. As someone who absolutely worshiped the music of Led Zeppelin during their career (I was at Pontiac Silverdome in April of 77 for Zeppelin's Detroit concert, which at the time anyway, was the largest indoor concert ever held for a single performance, roughly 79,000 people.) and to this day even, such a comparison is ludicrous. I was using the scenario as an example only. I could have used Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler and the same point would have been made. I thought that was fairly most people I can only assume it was.

2) I haven't read Sammy's book, though have seen it within the last 6 months in the "New Releases" section at book stores so one can safely assume it was released AFTER he'd left Van Halen for the final time, therefor, Sammy's comments concerning Van Halen in his book weren't made while a member of the band...which brings us back to my point concerning Eddie's comments towards Michael Anthony...

It's one thing to engage in revisionist history in a book, as apparently Sammy has's another thing ENTIRELY to rag on a band member while still in the band WITH that member, is it not? Eddie's dissing of Anthony was in an interview conducted after "Diver Down" and as "Fair Warning" was being released. His disparaging comments made towards Anthony were rude and totally unprofessional at best. I dunno......perhaps Anthony wanted to "buy his wife a Ferrari or had another wing of his house to remodel" , for I can see no other reason why Michael Anthony would have put up with such disrespectful BS while a member of Van Halen in the first place.

I'm cool with being called out on, but next time....geez...have a point :) It makes the conversation much more interesting.



Michael1212 it dude..... i've never heard anyone that echoed my sentiments regarding EVH more than you did....PERFECT! and he couldn't carry Page's jock! He was always jealous of him...ALWAYS!


hahahaha..that's cool. thanks man.


THANK YOU BENJI!!! It's a breath of fresh air to hear somebody who realizes what an egotistical douche-bag Eddie is. Even when he's not drunk, the a**hole still seeps through. I know to try to be the best or to get your mind right, you have to think you're the best at times and arrogance in professional musicians, entertainers, athletes, etc isn't new, but this cat takes the cake! If you read Sammy's book at all and just paid any attention to what's happened the last couple of years, you knew this wasn't going to last. I get tired of everybody kissing his ass like he's the messiah. He hasn't done anything groundbreaking since the mid-80's, hasn't made anything decent since the mid-to early 90's and listening to him play the last few years is just cringe-inducing. I'm not a hater, I still listen to the old songs. I heard someone say that "Eddie Van Halen without a guitar in his hands is just a hateful, horrible, vindictive, poor excuse for a human". Sounds like that's being more real by the day...
AND what they did to Michael Anthony is absolutely pathetic and sh**ty and the NEW ALBUM REALLY, REALLY SUCKS!!!


You're welcome bro. I think Eddie forgot the #1 rule in life: Don't sh*t on people on the way up....ya might need 'em on the way down.

say what ya want about Sammy everyone, but I first saw him with Montrose, several times as solo, 3 times with Van Halen and dude delivers every time and when he doesn't , like when his voice fell apart at a gig I was at in Dallas with VH in the 80's, he made up for it with a free concert downtown at Market place. A bad voice day with Sammy is still better than Roth has ever sang in his life.

And you're right: What he did to Michael Anthony (several times, apparently) showed supreme arrogance and a total lack of professionalism.

Later Ed..... good luck


You're right, Ed's made a career of sh**ting of everybody. I've never read an article, story, or interview where he didn't come off that way. Even when he was trying to sound reformed, he still managed to sneak shots in here and there, it's pathetic. A couple of friends taling me into to going to the "Sans Halen, Roth/Hagar" show in 02 or 03 and Sammy's show was a LOT better than Roth's. Roth was still stuck in the late 70's, early 80's. Which coincidentally, I think is the reason why the Van Halen's punished Mikey because he toured with Sammy. Michael Anthony got screwed bigtime and it's wrong. And the one thing nobody ever discusses, Alex is a lot better drummer than Eddie is a guitarist...



Those old quotations about Ace and Jimmy were made when Ed was in his 20s. He's much more modest and mature these days. I'm sure you said some stupid things when you were that age, but no magazine then or now would be interested in printing some anonymous douchebag saying "Oh I crapped my pants again!" and "Damn! Burger King is closed!" in a magazine anyway.


I'm not trying to thoughtlessly rag on the dude. i carried his flag for a long time. And after seeing them at the Summit in Houston on their "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge' Tour, I ran a service call the next morning at surprisingly, he and Alex's Aunt and Uncles house in Houston, who were some of the sweetest people i'd ever met and gave me a bunch of Van Halen paraphernalia. They were so cool.

I saw Van Halen for the 1st time in 79 on the VH II tour and saw them 6 more times over their career, so the love was there, big time.

But Ed just ain't the dude i always thought he was. Bummer when your musical heroes turn out to be so bogus.


So mature...that when Van Hagar got back together a few years ago (in 2005 I think) for their aborted tour, Mike Anthony was only allowed to tour with the band if he agreed to take less money....that mature?



You said it! When EVH first hit my eardrums with Runnin' With The Devil, I was absolutely hooked. Then came Hendrix and then Stevie Ray...TRUE guitar players in every sense, and just downright cool people who, even though they had their own issues, never really bad-mouthed people like EVH has. I had always kept a fondness for EVH but over the years I got to see various interviews and man...what a JERK! Cocky, arrogant little jerk. And yes, this latest "effort" by VH sucks without end. They are nothing like they used to be, and never will be. To cast Michael Anthony aside like they did was it for me. For years now I have believed that it was Eddie all along that was the problem. I didn't even give a single thought to going to see them this time around. I even regret buying those stupid striped flip-flops as Christmas gifts for friends. Oh well, I guess I'll just hang onto the good memories of the good old days before I knew the truth. EVH = PHONY! (JMO)

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