Van Halen Tour Reported Postponed



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DAMN! I really wanted to see Van Halen live. This sucks.



Sorry, but Wolfgang playin in Van halen? Would be like, um lets see, ya, Bonham's kid playin drums in Led Zeppelin.----------
ED, the crap you put down on M. Anthony,.... its no-wonder he gave you the stiff middle finger.---------

Let Wolfgang get his own band, and suck it up,,,,, make it right with Your Bass Player.
----- You just cant replace anyone.---- p.s. there are guitar players that could replace you too. but it just wouldnt be the same. -------
so come on, shut the big mouth for a few seconds, and get," The original band" back together. .
Let Wolfgang get his own band.

Thanks again.




I so want this to happen. It may never be what it was, but it's better than fighting. The fan in me is praying that this "postponement" is real, and not another case of these guys not being able to play nice.



This is so cool to here....

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