Like Father, Like Son: Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen Discuss the New Face of Van Halen



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Love it.

Would like to see him patch things up with Mike Anthony for reasons of friendship and history, but I love the fact that he's moving on too.

Having the VH family with the best frontman in history? Awesome - love the new album. Love the fact that a "bad" VH album has only 1 track I might not prefer, when other bands might only have 1 track I like. Seriously - Diver Down is their weakest album - "Little Guitars", "Cathedral", "Full Bug (!)", "Hang em High", "Where Have all the Good Times Gone", "Big Bad Bill"...even "Happy Trails" is brilliant.

This would be any other bands masterpiece!

Love love the new album - love the Van Halens and Love DLR! If Ed wants to cut ties it's his right, still would like harmony but for someone who's given so be it.



love the new album



Rolling Stone magazine reports: "It's the greatest feeling in the world to have your son follow in your footsteps," said Eddie Van Halen, whose son Wolfgang has been jamming on the instrumental "316" at recent VAN HALEN shows.Genvejen

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