VH1 Save the Music: An Effective Strategy for Teaching Young Beginners the Joy of Playing Guitar



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I hope this article leads people who have been afraid to become a beginner, take the leap, and start sounding like an advanced beginner right off the fretboard! A very special SuperTmeyers thanks to Chiho Okuizumi - VH1 Save the Music Foundation Grantee Supervisor and Compliance Manager, and most certainly,... (my hero) Rob Davidson - VH1 Save the Music Foundation Program Director and Guitar World Magazine Photojournalist... (UPDATE: Rob is now a Freelance special topics photographer).


Peggy Good

Way to go Ted! Thank goodness for teachers like Ted. I had the pleasure of working with him when he first began his career. Working and surviving in an inner city environment is both stressful and challenging but, he endured and thrived. He reached his students through the joys of music, harmony and life lessons. I am so proud to say tht I know him and have witnessed his overwhelming dedication, confidence and belief that music is the universal language of knowledge, understanding and individualism. We need more teachers like him!



Thank you Peggy! I am humbled. As a music teacher, I had incredible teachers teaching me the ropes. Sylvia Faulkner, Bruce Jacobson, Derek Weller, and Lon Stender ...however, I must include Rob Gardner from Maumee middle school. His amazing strings instruction was something I admired the most and try to mirror with my guitar classes, to this day. However, Peggy, I will always remember this... When I was that "right-out-of-college-newbie" ...YOU taught me how to teach in challenging environments. For this, I thank you!

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