Video: 14-Year-Old Girl Performs Steve Vai's Version of Paganini's 5th Caprice from 'Crossroads'



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I'm having this climactic Crossroads scenario image of Tina S battling Hell's "ace in the hole" Pop/Rap Demon for the Souls of our music hungry children...AND WINNING! *Que es mas Macchio?...Tina S mas macho*



Ya know, I was all set to begin and end this comment with "alright, she can play sitting there with her absolute teenaged French indifference, but where's the show-womanship, where's the sweat and glory, where's the rock and roll in it all? After watching this little girl make me look like an utterly uncoordinated fool without even a slight modecum of effort shown, all I can say is..."rock on, little chicklet!"



WOW! I applaud you very well done! I bet Steve Vai is a little jealous now hahaha



I agree 100% with The Shred King, interview this awesome young lady!! Maybe she only speaks French, but get a translator!! She could be an inspiration not only to young (and old) guitarists, but also to girls! Not enough female guitarists out there! This girl is unbelievable!!



Funny you should mention that. Working on it! Je parle francais! -- damian (GW)


The Shred King ...

This video will undoubtedly cause the majority of the Guitar World viewing population to get in their rooms and practice, practice, practice lol!

How about an interview with Tina S.? What's her secret and how did she develop these flawless skills?

P.S. Tina smile! You're incredible!



"There's no smiling in Rock & Roll" I don't think we'd request a smile from a young male artist, would we? And I'm sure some would agree that Wolfgang would have looked much cooler ripping on stage without that fixed grin on his face.
Tina's modest, almost melancholy presence is a breath of fresh air in this Cirque du Soleil era of musical performance. Wouldn't it be nice if she triggered the talent pendulum to swing back to a time where musicians actually play their instruments? : )

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