Video: 14-Year-Old Guitarist, Tina S., Performs Dream Theater's "The Best of Times"



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Tina never rests on her laurels or takes the easy or facile path. She sets big, significant objectives, achieves them (with awesome results), and goes on to the next. This girl is serious and has great *fortitude*. And, as incredible as she is, she is getting better. Her expressive abilities in complex pieces are growing by leaps and bounds. Still only 14, she is clearly headed for the highest levels of her art.


What a great guitarist you already are, Tina S.! Enough of the covers - you've covered a lot of greats. Now, step up to the plate and do your own thing - whatever it's going to be, I'm sure it may be a little derivative because of all this technique you've amassed, but one thing: I know it's going to be good musically and will (at least) interest my ears! Or, a guitar duel w/ Orianthi would be cool, too... Shoot, maybe even Frank Gambale!


The Shred King ...

This is yet again ridiculous and totally makes me jealous.

Please tell us about your practice regimen! I imagine your teacher standing there with a ruler and slapping the note stand each time a single note within a sweep arpeggio is missed. Just kidding - please post more!!

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