Video: Amateur Guitarist Vittorio Camardese Displays Two-Handed Tapping Technique in 1965



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Les Paul did this in the 50's, Jimmy Webster too.

Even in the 30's there is a film of a guy tapping the fretboard of Ukulele in the movie Club House Party.

Eddie Rabbit was doing it in country music before Van Halen too.

I remember a guy that thought me how to play a sort of polka tune tapping the frets in the late 60's, no picking at all, just the whole tune was holding chords with my left hand and tapping with my right.



Or, circa 1918 or so, Celedonio Romero's "Fantasia," often performed by his sons Pepe Romero and Angel Romero, has a really nice two handed tapping section toward the end of the song.



Dave Bunker was performing on TV and live shows in the 50s, tapping with both hands on a homemade doubleneck. He's still at it today.



Cool, thanks! I'm adding his name to the story with the link.

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