Video: Axl Rose Blames Slash, Management for Late Shows



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Axl Rose = King Asshole

He is playing Rosemont, Illinois tonight. I hope he shows late, riot ensues, and Axl gets his ass beat to a pulp.

THEN I might believe in A JUST GOD...



I can't help but laugh at how many rings and bracelet's he has on him, Axl you'll never be anything but a tool. Just a tool that's trying to keep a shitty band together. I don't care how many times Slash has defended you, it's your fault GNR fell apart for being a greedy asshole. Everyone knows it, and I hope you know that we all know too.



oh my God...really???
so, you were full of shit when that tour started??

or is it now??

either way, you're just full of shit.....if i was making a list of the great assholes of the 20th century, Axl would be in the top 5...

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