Video: David Lee Roth Interviews Eddie and Alex Van Halen



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57 Stratman

I'm Eddies age, and a huge blues fan. I was never a huge Van Halen fan, I think mainly because of how saturated the air waves were (and still are...) with all of their music and videos, I just quite frankly got to the point where I'd change the channel or mute the TV when they came on. But they all are extremely talented, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed the Van Halen family history lesson. I would LOVE to see a 2 hour documentary on the whole Van Halen experience. That would be pretty cool. It would also be cool Eddie, if you guys could play Rochester, NY.



Great interview.
Very interesting.
I really hope they make several more albums together.


Ed Jones

Luv it... Very, very interesting to hear these guys talking and the interaction between all 3... David Lee Roth is definitely the catalyst of this group with Ed's guitar playing... Interesting to see and hear the background of the Van Halen brothers.... very down to earth... I gave all my Van Halen with Sammy Hagar CD's away to my kids years ago... no way did Hagar come close to David Lee Roth as the vocalist... just something about this guys voice and attitude... Super group...



The more I learn, the more I empathize with DLR having had to knock heads with those two great musicians - both of whom were completely mad. It's so ironic. All those years, DLR was the sane one putting on a "crazy" act, while the two quiet Dutch boys were out of their minds while playing it "sane." And of course, being a guitar player, I've always empathized with Eddie having to deal with LSD (lead singer disease), a malady pioneered by Roth. But posterity will show that this tug of war was what made Van Halen THE best act to come out of LA since the Manson Family. But like to or not, DLR personifies the SPIRIT of that band. With him, they're not just a band. They're a verb.



great sound ......i like it ..........classic VH love to hear this in 24 bit at 192 it would be amazing.........

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