Video: Eddie Van Halen and Michael Jackson Perform "Beat It" Live in 1984



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Even the great EVH has a bad day at the office.


It's so funny to watch EVH out of his comfort zone.... His entire world just goes to hell! No wonder the band has so much infighting, there is some real issues with this dude and being in full-control of the musical situation! He's great at what he does, and damn lucky to have found his niche. Otherwise, he would be like a million other dudes who play really great in their bedrooms but put them with a real band and they go to pieces.



Like a jam....mistakes and all! Funny....old jazz holds up so much better. But it was fun and new in 1984 so God bless 'em all...EVH rules his roost



I really think I could have played a better solo than that.



Although EVH performed the solo in this song, credit should also be given to Steve Lukather for playing the rest of the song.

The first line of this article says "which features Eddie Van Halen on guitar" but it did also feature the multi-talented Steve Lukather who also has been the massive sound on many other hit recordings.....



LOL- sound quality aside, and I realize it was impromptu as well as 1984....some screeching, whirling, scratching dive bombs and a few finger tappings. That's about it. Not ready when he took the stage. "years ahead other guys"? Gary Moore was KILLING it then too...check live "Shapes Of Things". Vai was already doing some very cool stuff. If Randy had lived...well who can say?
Eddie was cool. And helped forge the 80's guitar heroes. I would ask him the same thing people asked Yngwie...when are you gonna re-invent yourself? You don't have to at this point, but you could try...maybe find that love again. And..this is still a historic video.



his musical phrasing is insane. years ahead of the other guys.

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