Video: Eddie Van Halen Demos Peavey Wolfgang Guitar at 1996 NAMM Show



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Sir Korbalot

No Eddie, you did not write "316" when Valerie was pregnant. You played it in 1986 on the 5150 tour as part of your guitar solo. I'm sure you were functionally shitfaced though and have no memory of it, so here's a reminder:



When did he quit drugs and alcohol? Him and the owner of Kramer guitars were serious snowblowers lol!!!



I sound like the bastard son of Eddie and Randy Rhoads lol. I like Eddies off the cuff style as much as Rhoads more structured technique. But Hendrix was from a different planet altogether lol.



Didja ever notice how your favorite rock star always sounds like himself no matter if he's playing a beat up old no name guitar, or the brand new Artist Series guitar that he's personally designed? People pay insane amounts of money to have a guitar "just like their hero", hoping that they'll sound like him.

Eddie will sound amazing no matter what axe he's on, but you won't ever sound like him.

There's a sucker born every minute.


It takes 18 years to upload a video? Their internet is even slower than mine!



This is a lot better than his appearance at the 2003 NAMM.

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