Video: Former Guns N' Roses Members Perform "Sweet Child o' Mine" at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame



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This incarnation of G-N-R would totally kick ass. Myles sings this way better. Axl again being a prima donna ruins what could have been an awesome moment in music history. And also his tantrum is a direct slap in the face to the most important people invloved: THE FANS. Thank you Slash, Duff, Gilby, Steven, And Myles. Awesome job and thanx for showing the class and maturity to the fans to give us this moment. You guys truly deserve the honor of being inducted and as a fan, i can't wait to hear more of your work in the future projects you have upcoming.


Myles sounds better than acksl EVER did!



Axl can continue to write his long letters of explanation. Myles Kennedy can lead the re-united band anyday!



This guy sounds better than Axle does now.

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