Video: Say Hello to Girl Rockers Cherri Bomb



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Today was my first time watching this female band. These young ladies are my type of ladies. They could really rock their music. I want to buy their album and put it on my iPhone. I already spread the word on Facebook with their music video called Spin. That video kicks ass. Peace, Flood!/Original guitar player for the band U2 on the developmental stage for their classic albums at the age of 8 years old. I am the one who gave the name,"The Edge."



Been watching Cherri Bomb now for almost 2 years when I saw them playing on YouTube, I was searching for a song called Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt and Cherri Bomb was doing that song on stage live I was blown away ever since then I have been a Major Fan and Follower of this group, absolutely Love their music From the Powerful Guitars to the Thundering Bass and Bad Ass Drum Playing not too mention the Incredible Vocals and Harmonies, these ladies have it and know how to use it, want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Julia. Miranda, Nia and Rena please don't forget your biggest fan here on the east-coast, Orlando Florida, Love you guys Love your Music ROCK ON \m/


P.S. Hey Rena did you know your name in Spanish means Queen, that's bad ass Stay Cool Ladies Always \m/ God Bless

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