Video: Guitarist Plays "Flight of the Bumblebee" at 1300 BPM



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If his right hand never goes faster than what looks like 16 notes (8 up-n-down strokes) per second, how he could get 20 or 21 (which is what 1300 bpm implies.) although 16 is close enough to 20 of earn a PLAUSIBLE on Mythbusters! (If hammer-pulls count than ignore everything I just said, since of course they can make even a tortoise like *me* sound faster. But that said, it sure doesn't look like his left hand comes to rest anywhere long enough for hammer-pulls.)

And one other thing. If you're going for a speed record wherein you don't care about "tone or musicality," why pick a piece that has not only a lot of left *hand* motion, but left *arm* motion, flying up and down the full length of the fingerboard? Why not just play two- or three- or four-note trills on one string, with your left hand parked?





It was for a good cause nonetheless,if anything at least acknowledge that.....that was mind blowing.



1300 bpm = 21.666666666666667 Hz. The picking alone is right at the lower limit of human hearing. Yikes.

That being said, though… I'm only impressed in the "dog walking on his hind legs" fashion. It's amazing to see it being done, but what good is it really?



..and now, for your amusement, amazement and enlightenment, I will attemp to play "Flight Of The BumblieBee", on my custom crafted BC GibsoFend-IbaJacksoCharvaNez 93 string guitar, at the insane, irresponsible, incomprehensible speed of THREE QUINT-TRILLION GIGA-BEATS PER SECOND! That's right, it'll be played SO FAST, so as to not even resemble any sound that's been created on this Earth before it! Here goes...aaaaaaaaaand I'm limbering up my fingers by ripping through that Swedish guy Ing-Vay (he spells his OWN NAME wrong, just how good can he be on guitar?), well, I'm gonna play EVERY THING HE EVER WROTE, at 16 quadrillion BPS, just to warm up...(*bip*) alright, that's done! Impressive, no? Well, that's NOTHING!!! Here goes my record attempt...I'm lining my hands up on my fretboard, aaaaand......(*bip*)! VOILA!!! Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES STRAIGHT THROUGH, IN A MANNER THAT NOBODY COULD UNDERSTAND!!! It's official, I am the fastest guitarist in the universe, so fast that it is impossible, as stated in the irrefutable laws of physics, to ever top my amazing feet!!! That's right, not feat but FEET...they're a size 47 1/16th extra narrow! :-p



I see that we posted at the same time. However, your original post was much funnier than mine, but I am now going to post the funniest, longest rebuttal in the universe at record speed… (*bip*)

Top that if you can! :)



Dam fast, did sound like a video game..

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