Video: Guitarist Sarah Michelle Demos Seymour Duncan Yngwie Malmsteen YJM Fury Pickups



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Good Job Sarah , It takes a lot of practice to achieve your skill, And you're Gorgeous Too



Well done, excellent cover. I think Yngwie should watch this so HE could remember how to play it properly. Whenever I've seen Yngwie perform this live, he would totally sacrifice the song to throw the guitar over his back or kick guitar picks into the crowd. Disappointing that he kills such an awesome song for showmanship. Once again, great playing Sarah!


rey portalatin

You need to know what you're playing when you attempt speeding through your scales.. Just because the speed is fast doesn't mean she is not a good player. Maybe she should play Stevie Ray just to prove a point that she is a good player. Everyone is entitled to their style of playing.. You like Blues and such as do I, but I play Metal music because it's the type of music I enjoy listening to and playing to. I also like doing "stupid 1000 notes a second" too, But I also know how to bend and play with feeling. Does that make me a bad player cause I speed pick and sweep-pick? A little fact of sweep-picking that she does in this video, it was invented and developed in the 1940's by jazz guitarists Chuck Wayne and Tal Farlow. Are they bad for playing fast notes?

Great cover in my opinion, good job Sarah.



....and furthermore...1 note from SRV, EC, Gary Moore, BB King etc, etc, better than any this Sarah plays. It annoys me that people actually think this is good playing



Well after about a minuite of this garbage I had to turn it off. Why would anyone put Malmsteen PU's in a SRV signature model? The Texas specials are what belong in that guitar, and try playing something like SRV instead of this stupid 1000 notes a second BS. Try bending a string or adding some vibrato or add some feeling instead of trying to cram as many notes as you can into your playing. There probally are some people out there (kids) that like this crap, but I'm not one of them.

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