Video: Guns N' Roses Perform Acoustic Set at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit



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Wow. What a truly craptastic performance. Thank goodness Slash has Myles to sing the songs better than Axl ever could hope to.


He sounds like that old perverted man on Family Guy. This is just embarrassing, he's just a punchline now. And he did not have strep throat, if you've ever had it you know that he couldn't even talk if he did. Plus, he's such a wuss he would've been in a hospital somewhere. I feel bad for the guys in that band. They're all extremely talented (maybe better than some of the originals), but they'll never be GnR. This vocal performance is just hard to watch and harder to listen to. It's over Axl, should've taken better care of your voice...

Oh, and way to be classy dropping the F-bomb multiple times in a SCHOOL full of KIDS!!!



I want my money back... that performance was certifiably awful!

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