Video: Guns N' Roses Perform "Paradise City" from 'Appetite For Democracy' 3D Concert Film



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I can't even call it a killer tribute band. Perhaps good for some dingy dive at 3am after a long night of drinking firewater and getting tenderized by the police, after scooting down a cheese grater slide naked. I have never had the pleasure of catching GnR live, whether the real band or the make-believe version that exists today, but of all the videos I've seen on youtube and the use your illusion videos in Japan, Axl never measures up to anywhere near his studio output. Even the live album they put out a long time ago sounds like shit. The band is always tight, but the singing is always shit. So, what's the common denominator? If you want to catch a really good version of this song played live, then watch any video with Slash and Myles and the Conspirators. Somehow Myles can nail the song live almost every time. I haven't seen a bad version with him singing, but I assume that he has had a bad night once in a while. As for Axl, it seems to be very rare to catch him on a good night.



What a killer tribute band! Now they just need to find a singer that sounds like Axl!


Tight but loose

As a pro singer I understand that even Plant and Mercury have bad nights. What I don't understand is using the bad night performance for the film release. The vocals on Chinese Democracy are the best vocals Axl ever laid down. I saw the show in Nashville about 2 years ago and the problem wasn't the performance. It was the digital sound system. It sounded like they stole Dr. Dre's stereo. Way too much noise gate and compression. If they would play on a good night with an analog sound system,that would be a show worth taping. Too much Pro Tools in music today. It sterilizes the emotion and kills the phrasing. That being said,Axl is one the greatest singers in rock history and an amazing songwriter. Hope they follow up Democracy before it is too late....



would be perfect if Axl wasn't singing.....



I bet there were better sounds coming out of the bathroom at the show then off that stage.






3D? Why?


Phil Johnson

Too true... And the worst part is that's the best he's sounded in years. My favorite part was the outro when Axl stopped singing.

I have to go watch Live At The Ritz now and remember how good that band used to be.


That has got to be the most craptastic falsetto I've ever heard. Waiting for Axl to sing "Tiptoe Thru the Tulips"!

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