Video: How to Change Strings on a Gibson-Style Guitar



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Barry Berns

I sent my guitar to Brawer in the beginning of July of 2013. I had asked him to repair a Sustainiac and Ghost Floyd Rose install that some idiot here in Buffalo, NY named Dino completely botched up. I knew it wasn't a simple fix, but this is the great Gary Brawer, repairman to the stars. I thought, if anyone can get this right, it's Brawer.

Well, he didn't return the guitar to me until the end of January 2014. He held onto my Jackson Dinky for 7 FREAKING MONTHS. His first excuse was that he had family problems over the Summer. Okay, whatever, I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. After that, he told me a couple of times that he had to go out of town, but after that, he didn't even offer me an excuse as to why he was taking so long repairing my guitar.

I was extremely close to calling law enforcement on this guy, as I was beginning to suspect that he had just decided to keep my guitar for himself. One bloody week longer and I would've called law enforcement. He offered me no explanation as to why it took 7 months. To add insult to injury, the Sustainiac still squealed like a dying rabbit when I got it back from his shop, which was the primary reason I sent the guitar to him in the first place (and I had to buy a new Sustainiac to boot, as the previous guy had fried the original one).

Also, he had wires going around the tremolo that, if I were to pull up on the tremolo, the wires would've been crimped. He also miswired the Sustainiac mode switch so that the Mix mode (my favorite mode) didn't work.

I don't know what else to say. I recently found a guy in Buffalo who did his best with the guitar. It still wasn't working and I decided just last week to count my losses and have the new repair guy remove the Sustainiac (which I will put in another guitar) and just leave the Ghost bridge. I think the Ghost circuitry and Sustainiac circuitry are simply not compatible, and that my dream guitar was not doable. Fair enough.

However, why the hell did this guy hang on to my guitar for 7 months and not even get it right? If he knew he couldn't get it right he should've told me so and not charged me $350. He did offer to try to fix it again after I got it back the end of January and had complained to him by email that I was very pissed about it all. Oh yeah, sure, after this charlatan hung on to my guitar for 7 months I was going to pay shipping to and from San Franciso, AGAIN, and have him hang on to it for another 7 months? All I can say is, if you're not Joe Satriani, you're taking a gamble with this guy.

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