Video: An Inside Look at Black Sabbath in the Studio



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It is a shame that money issues are preventing this from being a full-on Sabbath reunion. Don't they see that their fans really want Bill in the mix. 25% of of an all original member album and tour is going add up to more mony than 35-40% of a partial reunion. Ozz, Tony do the math. I'm sure Bill is not asking to be top dog, just equal.



I agree that it should be called "Black Sabbath 3/4" If you have never heard Bill Wards album "Ward One: Along the Way "you are truly missing out it is such a great and unique album, he brings so much more to the table than just sitting at the drum set. They all let their fans down!!



I think they sound pretty good, have liked Black Sabbath since their beginnings. Only criticism, is that Ozzy is "pitchy" as hell. Geezer, Iommi still standing well musically, drummer Scott Wilks is a superior musician who sparks this reunion hugely, this guy is amazing.



I don't fully understand the contract issues for Bill Ward to have appeared at the Sabbath Reunion last year in England but I presume the same force is at work preventing him from being included in the new Sabbath studio album (I have a strong suspicion who drafted the contract that Bill considered to be "unsignable".) But a new studio Sabbath album without Bill Ward, when he is alive and well, is basically an afterthought. Sorry guys, but don't waste your time and ours.



No Bill Ward? Such a shame. The new album/CD should be titled:
"Black Sabbath 3/4"!!!

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