Video: Introducing the Bacon Guitar



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Do you remove the bacon from the guitar before cooking it or does the wood give it a smokey flavor.
Either way, maple syrup is in order.


57 Stratman

Everybody knows everything goes better with bacon...


Despite how much I love bacon I would not want to do this:
1. Its gonna start to smell really fast
2. Its a waste of perfectly good bacon
3. bacon has poor tonal quality you can tell by the video

and also, clmsongs? those pigs would still be dead if he did this or not. There is a reason this video is in GW's WTF section.



I gotta tell ya. I've been a loyal reader of Guitar world for over 20 years. I have always enjoyed this magazine and felt it was a step above all others.

But I must say, this article & video is disgusting and I'm extremely disappointed that you guys would even think that this was something ok to promote. Come on, think about it? A bacon guitar? It just shows the complete disregard for respecting life. How many pigs where killed meaninglessly for this ridiculous guitar? Shame on you and the video maker.



GW isn't promoting the guitar; GW is saying, "hey, look, we found a weird a video about a weird bacon guitar."


Sounds like Someone subscribed to PETA's Animal Times...

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