Video: Jack White Visits Vinyl LP Pressing Plant in Nashville



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Excuse me, Mr. White? Dude! You forgot your coat!



What does LP mean? What does 45 mean? You people talk in riddles!!
Just kidding, I remember those days of getting a 12"x12" piece of artwork, and getting 45 rpms when I couldn't afford an album, or the album only had one or two good songs anyway. Little did we know that vinyl chloride plastic vapor could kill 400 grown men outright in 15 seconds or over a thousand with liver cancer per pound (70%, lung 12% or brain cancer 10%, and others 8%). It finally breaks down into carbon monoxide and mustard gas at 3,000*F. It takes 50K years to break down in a dump, releasing chlorine atoms to reduce the ozone layer. Those holy rollers burning Elvis then the Beatles, then Black Sabbath records didn't know they were committing slow suicide. Nice stuff, eh? Burn your credit card in a small bathroom, it vaporizes at 200*F and ignites at 400%F, and the vapor will be enough to kill you. Shower curtains, flooring, mud boots, drywall mud buckets, siding, and so much more made from this handy, deadly petro chemical.
Yeah, those innocent days before it killed Steve McQueen. So much has been made and put into dumps or areas it can burn, that it is far worse than all the nuclear waste. Ten billion pounds of the stuff made each year, and think how much in the past 50 years!
We loved those records, and I feel sorry for the ignorant people who work with PVC. Consider this a well researched public announcement. I wish it were a good joke like Jack's video.



I'm dying of congestive heart failure and I had a very bad morning today - things were looking very poor indeed. Then I stumbled across this video and laughed and laughed and laughed. Thanks guys for making my life a little more bearable in a time of struggle. I really needed that today.

I support local small business folks so I shop at The Electric Fetus here in Minneapolis for my musical listening needs -- if they don't have it, they WILL get it for you, just give them a moment. Find your locally owned record store, pry open that wallet, and buy a few of CD's to support them -- c'mon, you know it's the right thing to do.

Very funny video, thanks again.

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