Video: Jeff Loomis "The Ultimatum" Lead Guitar Lesson



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Lol i couldnt Tab this because its kinda fast..can anyone plz give me the tabs for this part :(



It goes without saying that Jeff Loomis is an amazing guitarist. I've bought his last solo album and have great respect for him. However, his guitar tone is so god awful, I could not replay this video more than once, let alone repeat it several times to learn this lick. His tone here and on his albums is like a horrid rusty ice pick in my ears. It's so thin, shrill, metallic and biting...I can't listen to more than 2 minutes of it. It really just ruins what could be some amazing guitar work. THere are so many great shredders out there that ALSO have good tone, I can't understand why Jeff Loomis goes with this set up. EMGs are the antithesis of good guitar tone...and who knows what else he's using for an amp...but it needs help. Sorry Jeff.


the amps are ENGL man

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