Video: Joe Bonamassa and Zakk Wylde Perform Cream's "Crossroads"



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I like them both as players but Zakk's guitar tone sounds like sh*t and I have to say I agree with other commentator about the how many notes per measure seems to be what Wylde is going for here. Play to the song not see what I can do. The song's rhythm you're playing over is already fast and busy so just playing more fast and busy runs over it just makes it sound like a mess of notes. That is basic music composition. And to the comment about Bonamassa just playing the basic pentatonic box and that he's playing slow because that is all he can do. Well they are both playing out of the pentatonic box. And maybe Wylde is using more shapes of the pentatonic scale but Bonamassa is adding major 2nds and 3rds to his runs giving his lines more melodic qualities. Also I should add that they both can light up the fretboard Bonamassa can play every bit as fast as Wylde and pick it all cleanly with a basic clean overdriven tone ala Eric Johnson. Both good, but this neither's best performance.



I wish zakk would have turned all the effects that he has off. I would love to see him play with a driven sound! Guitar, overdrive(boost) amp



For the sake of accuracy, it's Robert Johnson's "Crossroads" most famously covered by Cream.


I think Bonamassa pwned the first solos, I think Zakk was a bit too flashy, but then we didn't get to hear the last 3rd of his solo because Bonamassa cut in with the next verse, it seemed that Zakk was trying to bring the solo back to earth when Joe cut in. Zakk totally had the trade-off licks, though. Bonamassa lost me when he started the tremolo picking. Both great players, both rooted in blues, but they're still apples and oranges and I think they could work out a really great version of the song with some rehearsal.


Rosebudd Bittadose

Interesting contrast. Bonamassa plays for unoriginal pentatonic box shape, "hold the note cause I ain't got nothing that's me" tone and feel, while Wylde plays the "I know the fretboard and give homage to all the greats that came before me while OWNING this shit" and "humbly pay tribute to Fr. Clapton while these douchebags turn down my amp" great guitar player, both selling guitars for Gibson.



Interesting contrast. Bonamassa plays for tone and feel, while Wylde plays the "how's my pose" and "how many notes can I fit in" card.... both great players, one much deeper than the other

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