Video of Lamb of God Concert Where Alleged Fatal Stage Incident Occurred Available



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yo i watched the tape Number 1 what the hell was the guy doing on the stage.Number 2 where the hell was security??Number 3 it looked to me as if mr blythe was helping the fellow down off the stage.How in the hell can you hold a frontman for manslaughter for doing what hes supposed to do,thats his space it was clearly being invaded.However this is not the usa no its some bullshit kangaroo court.They better not fucken convict randy of any dam thing



As someone who was fortunate enough to travel internationally playing music, one has to appreciate and respect the fact that you are in a foreign country, are subject to its laws and are at the mercy of its authorities. One cannot simply assume the same rights and process you enjoy at home.

However, I agree, the safety of the band is also at issue here. The fan, I'm assuming, was not invited on stage and upon buying a ticket, was probably in violation some kind of rule or agreement (fine print) by forcing his way through security. That fan put himself in that position, and most of us on this site would agree, he should bare the blame for his fatal injury.

In the end, I think Randy will be fine. They will throw enough $$$ at this to make it go away. Just like wealthy people in the United States who ACTUALLY commit manslaughter do.



Too bad the guy died but he had no business crashing the stage. In light of what happened to Dimebag and the other victims of the Alrosa Villa tragedy performers must be prudent and assume the worst -- they have NO idea the intentions of someone who crashes the stage.

Andy Sharpe

The guy should not have been on stage, there has to be respect for a band performing, that means stay off the stage, suppose the guy had a gun, it would be Dime all over again. Treat bands with respect and let them do what they do best, in no way was this manslaughter.

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