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If you like aggressive music, napalm death never disappoints. Utilitarian, like most of Napalm Deaths albums, is a mix in style of hardcore punk, and heavy fast death metal. There is a lot of unique sounding riffs on this album paired with blast beats and all kinds of fast breaks and slow sludgy heavy parts. There is a fair amount of chunky palm muting heavy riffs on this album but there is also a lot of moment where there is alternative rock sounding riffs. The mix of different style of riffs is executed flawlessly.
Like most napalm death songs, the songs on this album are adrenalin inducing and make you want to get up and slam dance.
The songs on this album, again like most napalm death albums have a very organic feel to it. The members of the band play well together and have that magic very few musicians are lucky to ever experience. Utilitarian is not only aggressive and heavy, it is also very genuine and thoughtful. You may not agree with the message in napalm deaths lyrics but it does appear as if napalm death believes in there own message. They lyrics are about political and economic ideas. The lyrics remind me of early 80s punk band, the dead kennedys.
Ive seen napalm death live 3 or 4 times and they don't disappoint.
I wish guitar world would feature napalm death more often. They deserve recognition and exposure, but i doubt they care about receiving it much.

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